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Balloon Bouquets are our speciality from as little as $29.95

Balloon bouquets are a fun gift for all age groups especially when they are themed to the person. Whether you want a sweet neat pink balloon bouquet for your niece, or a naughty funky one for a best friend. Tell us about the person and we will create one of the most unique bouquets that will be a delight to give. It will definately get smiles!

10 balloon bouquet as advertised, includes 7 printed, 1 super large plain and 2 foil balloons for only $75.00.

21st balloon bouquet
Wow look at this bouquet $45.00

Treated with Hi float for extended fly time.

21 And Ready To Run
30 And Shirty!
40 And Very Naughty!
50 And Still Nifty!
60th Birthday!
70th Party!
80th Celebration!

There's no denying that people of all ages love balloons and we can deliver your message for you in a colour balloon bouquet.
Fantastic idea for an office colleague or family member and a great alternative to flowers! At Balloons Direct we basically can do anything with balloons!


6 plain balloons $23.50
6 plain bouquet

3 plain and 1 foil $26.50

lovely bouquet at balloons direct

3 foils, weighted $39.95

valentines bouquet

9 plain,1 foil $56.50

beautiful bouquets

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