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Truly creative wedding decor often goes well beyond flowers and balloons can bring elegance and charm to your wedding.

Why not let us create an exquisite display giving an effective touch? If you are looking for some unique ideas and special ways to make your wedding different - let's get together and use our experience in the industry to make it happen. We can contribute in making your special day complete. We will work with you to make sure that your day is really special and of course within your budget. Phone us today for a FREE consultation. We are happy to meet you at your venue or go for coffee.

Wedding Tips!
wedding tips from balloons directWedding invitation nightmare!
Number those reply cards! Many a bride has a huge headache on her hands when, as sometimes happens, the occasional reply card is sent back with no names filled in. Clearly an oversight on the part of the guest who sent it, but how do you figure out who on earth it came from? Here's a little trick which will ensure that you avoid this problem all together - place a small, inconspicuous number on the back of each reply card before enclosing it with the invitation. Use a list to record each guest's name along with the number on the reply card you are enclosing for them. That way, if someone should forget to fill in their name, a quick glance at your list will tell you precisely who the reply belongs to.

Make your wedding complete with balloons Wedding catering for little people!
Ask your caterer about the availability of children's plates. This is a practical and sensible way to reduce wedding expenses. Many couples aren't aware that, at a reduced cost, most caterers can create smaller portions for the little people on your guest list, who normally don't eat as much as adults. In fact, often you can request something which will have more appeal to the little guys anyhow, such as cheese burgers or chicken fingers and fries instead of the more fussy food you and your adult guests will likely be dining on. Children's plates are typically available at dramatically lower costs than your cost per plate for adults. While children's plates make a great deal of sense from a couple of different stand points, particularly that of your budget, many caterers will not mention their availability unless you specifically enquire or request such a thing. This is because they will make greater profit on adult plates.

Tips from Balloons Direct Stop wedding shoe blisters!
Be sure to "break in" the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day in advance. If your new shoes aren't stretched a little before the big day, your feet may be killing you before you even make it to the reception. This has been an unpleasant distraction for many a bride on her wedding day, don't let it put a damper on yours! Spend several hours wearing your bridal shoes around the house in the weeks before the wedding and you'll have no problem kicking up your heels long into the wee hours when the big day arrives.

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